Inspire Property Management

For those of you who have known Inspire Real Estate for the many years we have been here, one of the first questions you might ask is

“Why Property Management ”?

Well, our desire to set up this side of the Inspire Real Estate Company was brought about by an experience which we would never want anyone else to encounter.  Some years ago, when we first moved to Spain, we made a decision to take some “time out” from work and have a long holiday with our children touring this beautiful Spanish country that we love.  We were approached at that time by the owners of a company we knew very well who asked us to rent out our beloved home. However, this proved to be a huge mistake, as our home was cruelly misused and damaged by its tenants and inadequately cared for by the Agent which, ultimately, cost us a great deal of money but, more importantly, so much sadness and anxiety.

At Inspire Real Estate, we are great believers in Customer Service and Trust.  Our Company is well established and respected in the Costa Blanca North and our professionally qualified staff have years of experience within their field.  Our management team is predominantly female and our loving and caring nature comes across unconditionally into our work.  We care for our Clients and manage their properties to the highest level and we take pride in the fact that our reputation has grown beyond our wildest expectations since we began.

We invite you to put your trust in Inspire Property Management.  We will honour this trust and provide you with a service that you will want to continue for many years to come.

Welcome to our Inspiring family….

phone: +34 665 083 805